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Same s#@t, different sport

Posted by jmkraft on December 22, 2008

It was nice for a while. After watching the Mets collapse, again, the Jets surprised us, and actually looked like the team they were supposed to be. They beat Tennessee, and if they could do that, they could go to the Super Bowl.

And then, the ghost of bullpens past arrived from Queens and cast its miserable spell on the team that used to share that cursed stadium. The Jets were suddenly a different team, a mediocre team, a choking team, and that miserable pit in my stomach that I got every time I watched Luis Ayala take the mound this September resurfaced, only now it came every time Brett Favre dropped back to pass. 

So now, with just one game to go in the season, it’s basically the same situation as it was for the Mets just a few months ago. Only this time, the Jets don’t control their own destiny, and need Buffalo, of all teams, to beat New England. Ha! Seriously, someone up above has a plan for Mets and Jets fans, and that plan involves decades of suffering. But not just simple suffering suffices, this plan involves actually harboring the belief that your team has a chance, only to see it all come crashing down.

Look, I was excited to see Brett Favre put on a Jets jersey for the first time. But I was also excited to see Billy Wagner show up at Shea before he started to blow saves like it was his job. And just like it’s time for Billy to go back to his llama farm, it’s time for Brett to go back to the bayou. 

So for all of us who are Mets and Jets fans, that miserable breed of self-loathing cynics, all we can do is sit back and watch a guy named Putz don the orange and blue, and wait until the Mets give us something to look forward to again. That is, until the next collapse.


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