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Mets “on brink” of signing K-Rod

Posted by jmkraft on December 9, 2008

According to a number of sources, the Mets appear to be on the brink of signing Francisco Rodriguez. Per David Lennon of Newsday:


“The Mets appeared to be closing fast on a deal for Francisco Rodriguez late Monday night after another productive round of meetings with K-Rod’s agent, Paul Kinzer. The two sides made significant progress Sunday over dinner on the eve of the winter meetings, then took a giant step forward on Day One at the Bellagio.

Despite an opening offer of two years and roughly $24 million that included a vesting option for a third, the Mets and K-Rod are now prepared to agree on a three-year deal that should also be worth about $12 million per season. As one person familiar with the situation explained on Monday, the initial offer was part of a feeling-out process that would likely result in a three-year deal.

Kinzer told reporters here late Monday night that he was “optimistic” after his latest sitdown with the Mets, who should be thrilled to begin their holiday shopping with such a relative bargain. When this offseason began, Kinzer was hopeful that K-Rod would command a five-year, $75-million deal. But the market for closers was flooded this year and the Mets were able to better their negotiating stance by keeping Brian Fuentes, Trevor Hoffman and Kerry Wood in the mix, along with possible trades for J.J. Putz and Bobby Jenks.”


I appreciate the fact that the Mets mean business here. Go in, get the most important deal done first, then move on. We can’t stop here. If Omar Minaya is smart, he’ll announce the signing or acquisition of a set-up man or at least another established reliever soon after K-Rod is [hopefully] signed. 

One more thing, I think that people will eventually look back at this deal as a major indicator of how the economic downturn has affected the sports industry. The fact that K-Rod jumped on this deal so quickily says a lot. If I’m Brian Fuentes or Kerry Wood, I’m a little worried right now.


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Posted by jmkraft on December 9, 2008

For some time now I’ve been trying to come up with a new twist on a Mets blog until it hit me. Why not use the angle that is so natural to me, writing about the Mets from the point of view of a depressed fan who has been disappointed for his entire life? I’ve been writing about the Mets for a while, first on (let it rest in peace) and then on my personal blog. I quickily discovered that no one really wanted to read that, so I decided this might be a better idea. Being the cynic I am (thanks a lot, Mets), I’m fairly sure the same will be true here. 

So yeah, I’ve been a Mets fan my whole life, and I’m none the better for it. The Mets last won the World Series the year I was born, and I’m pretty sure that will be last time they win in my lifetime. And I don’t plan on leaving the Earth for some time, thank you very much. I’m pretty convinced that the Mets have, in fact, ruined my life, conspiring with the Jets and Knicks to make me the sarcastic, depressed person who I am today.

But in all seriousness, I do love the Mets, and I love to write about them. More than loving the Mets, I love the sport of baseball, and I’ll write about more than just the Amazin’s when I’m so inspired. I’ll also slip in some other sports, perhaps, because there’s only so much I can write about Francisco Rodriguez in the offseason. 

In terms of how I approach the sport, I consider myself a pretty balanced fan. I’m a fan of sabermetrics and loved Moneyball like everyone else, but I do believe that scouting is still an important aspect of the game. I think John Schuerholz put it well in his autobiography when he said that no team would ever sign a player, no matter how good on paper, without watching him play the game. But at the same time, numbers don’t lie. 

I generally respect Omar Minaya and the team he’s put together, but I do think it has a number of significant faults. The Luis Castillo signing was a significant mistake, for one. Not concentrating enough on the bullpen was another. But I think Omar is a good judge of talent, and I have faith that he’ll put together a competative, if not dominating team this year. And the deal he pulled off for Johan Santana was incredible. If I had to pick a GM who I most admire, though, it would have to be Andrew Friedman of Tampa Bay, who did so much with so little. I’m a pretty big Theo Epstein fan, too.

I hate the Philadelphia Phillies with every bone in my body, but I respect the job the organization did in putting together a World Championship team. I even count Chase Utley as one of my favorite players for his old-school approach to the game of baseball. Don’t worry, one of my other favorites is David Wright (I know its cliche, but seriously, he’s already one of the best Mets ever and I don’t buy the argument that he’s not clutch, he presses at the plate because he gets no support so much of the time).

Let’s move on to the medium of blogging. Blogging is the future (and part of the present) of media, and like it or not, blogs will eventually have to become part of the mainstream sports media. I believe that bloggers should be given more access, and I also believe that bloggers should hold themselves to the same standards as print journalists. It’s a two way street. 

In terms of a day job, well, the current economic crisis has me sitting on the sideline for now, but in short, I have two career interests, sports and politics. Separate, they are each great. Together, not so much. 

My hope is that this blog somehow contributes to the great collection of Mets blogs out there already. Seriously, the Mets are lucky to have so many quality blogs writing about them. But there is always room for more opinion, and Mets fans have never been accused of being quiet (see: response at Shea Stadium to Rocker, John). But hey, that’s why I love this team that ruins my life.

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