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It’s time to stop whining about Luis Castillo

Posted by jmkraft on January 12, 2009

Here’s what I don’t understand about the Luis Castillo situation. Everyone is complaining that the Mets can’t sign a better second baseman like Orlando Hudson or trade for Michael Young because Castillo’s egregious contract extension is blocking the way. It would be impossible, they say, to pay two second basemen at once.

My answer: Give me a break.

We’re not talking about the Tampa Bay Rays here. The Mets are one of MLB’s most successful franchises, and the team’s payroll reflects that. Sure, Fred Wilpon has taken a few hits this offseason, but that hasn’t prevented the Mets from paying two managers or two closers at once. Is it fiscally responsible to sign Hudson or trade for Young while still paying Castillo? Absolutely not. But who cares? The Mets are going to sign either Derek Lowe or Oliver Perez for big money. Great. But it can’t stop there. Castillo is a major liability in the starting lineup, but would be a perfectly fine utility player on the bench. 

Look at the Red Sox. They made a similar mistake in Julio Lugo. Rather than complain how they can’t play anyone else at shortstop because of Lugo’s contract, they benched him and called up Jed Lowrie. It may have not been signing an expensive free agent like Hudson, but it was doing what needed to be done to field a competitive lineup. 

That’s what the Mets and Mets fans need to understand. This team needs to be competitive this year. After the past three seasons, the Mets need to make a run in the postseason. So you don’t want to sacrifice the future by trading for Young? Fine, go out and sign Hudson. If you don’t the Nationals will, and you’ll come to regret not pulling the trigger. 

Some will argue that we’re not the Yankees, and don’t need to sign every big name to try and make a run. I hate the Yankees as much as every Mets fan, but one thing is true, and that is that the Yankees field a competitive team more years than not. Their model works. So stop whining about Castillo’s contract and go make a deal.


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Yanks want to trade Nady, let’s make a deal

Posted by jmkraft on January 8, 2009

Just heard from MLB Trade Rumors that the Yankees might be looking to deal OF/1B Xavier Nady. I know it’s one of the more common refrains heard from Mets fans, but I would like to bring Nady back to Queens. 

In his time with the Mets in 2006, Nady fit in nicely to the Mets’ lineup. He’s not a star, but he’s a nice complementary player, and fits on this team for several reasons:

1) We need another outfielder. The chance of both Fernando Tatis and Daniel Murphy coming back strong is small, and it’s likely that one or both will not repeat their unlikely success of 2008. Even if they do, there are always lingering questions with Ryan Church, and Nady could platoon with him. 

2) What if Carlos Delgado slumps again? What if his resurgence from last year turns out to be a fluke, and Delgado can’t hit again? Nady provides insurance at first, and can also spell Delgado once in a while, which isn’t something that should be overlooked given Delgado’s age. 

3) Nady’s value is lower now than it was at last year’s trade deadline when many called for the Mets to trade for him. He hit .268 with the Yankees in the second half, compared to .330 with the Pirates, and the Yankees need to move either him or Nick Swisher. I’m not saying that he would be a steal, but if Omar wants to bring him back, the time is now. 

I’m still in favor of signing a big bat for the outfield, whether that be Manny Ramirez, Bobby Abreu, or Adam Dunn, but if the Mets have no intention of spending big after signing two starters and K-Rod, trading for Nady would be a good solution.

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Yankees sign A.J. Burnett

Posted by jmkraft on December 12, 2008

MLB Trade Rumors is reporting through Jerry Crasnick that the Yanks have inked Burnett to five years and $82.5 million. It was that fifth year that Burnett was requesting, and my guess is that the Braves, who were the other bidder, wouldn’t give him more than four. 

I hate the Yankees for being able to do this, but I’m happy that Atlanta lost out. Now for the Braves, the question is who they’ll be able to sign. Will they resign John Smoltz? Will they bid for Derek Lowe? Or will the Atlanta rotation continue to be mediocre? My money is on the third choice, at least for now.

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Heyman: Mets, Cubs talking Marquis trade

Posted by jmkraft on December 11, 2008

Per Sports Illustrated‘s Jon Heyman:

The Mets and Cubs are discussing a trade that would send Jason Marquis home to New York.Marquis, a Staten Island native, would fill a need in the Mets’ rotation at a reasonable cost. The Cubs are offering to pay some of Marquis’ $9.5-million 2009 salary to defray the cost. The Mets could also consider sending reliever Scott Schoeneweis to the Cubs to further offset Marquis’ salary.

Not a total surprise here, as Marquis fits the bill for the fifth starter the Mets have been looking for. At the very least, acquiring Marquis would have two nice side effects. One would be to put some pressure on Jon Niese, who otherwise would come into Spring Training annointed as the fifth starter, which has trouble written all over it. The second is to get rid of Scott Schoeneweiss, who is probably unfairly maligned by Mets fans because he has been grossly misused in his tenure with the team. But with two lefty-specialists on the roster, the bullpen is unfairly constrained, and it’s time to get rid of one of them. 

Here are Marquis’ stats from last season:

29 G (28 GS), 0 CG, 0 SHO, 167.0 IP, 172 H, 87 R (84 ER), 15 HR, 70 BB, 91 SO, 11 W, 9 L, 94.6 P/GS, 1.45 WHIP, .267 BAA, 4.53 ERA

Those stats are almost identical to his career averages, so we know what we would get. I don’t like his WHIP or K/BB, but he’s a serviceable fifth starter who gives his team a chance to win every fifth day (gotta love those baseball cliches).

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