Depressed Mets Fan

Building character since 1962


My name is Jonathan Kraft, and I am a depressed Mets fan. The Mets started breaking my heart in 1987, when I was a year old, and they haven’t stopped since. But the Mets are like that girl who constantly breaks your heart but who you can’t let go. I recognize that I am only one of the multitudes of diehard Mets fans who view everything in life with a degree of cynicism because that’s what happens when you grow up rooting for New York’s second class citizen. So it is my duty to represent my fellow suffering fans with this blog, which will attempt to add a new perspective to the extensive community of Mets blogs. 

Just a few words about what kind of a baseball fan I am. I’m a sabermetrics moderate; I believe in the principles outlined in Moneyball, but I also believe that scouting is an essential part of the game. I believe that teams are built from the ground up, not from the top down, and I believe that developing good starting pitching is the best way to build a winning franchise. I think the idea of clutch hitting is overrated, but I also recognize that psychology is a part of the game. My favorite players are the “old school” types who never leave the field with a clean uniform. 

Enjoy the blog, and please email me if you have any comments about the site.

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